Divisional Swimmer Practice Update & Day 2 Leaderboard

    Divisional Swimmer Practice Update & Day 2 Leaderboard

    If your swimmers are still top 10 in a relay, top 40 in a 10 and under individual event, and/or top 30 in an individual 11 and over event, practice times for tomorrow (Friday) are as follows:

    Blue/Red Practice: 9:00 – 9:45 AM

    Gold Practice: 9:45 – 10:45 AM

    You can look up your swimmers current standings here: Full Day 2 Leaderboard - Scratched Swimmers Removed

    These are the swimmers we believe are still in the running, but please double check for us.  We don't want to miss anyone they may have made it so far!

    Barrett Arnberger

    Katie Carney

    Anderson Easom

    Collins Easom

    Emma Hudock

    Ethan Hudock

    Abigail Huff

    Arianna Huff

    Jeremy Huff

    Isabelle Jones

    Kate Kupronis

    Paul Kupronis

    Noah Mallory

    Xander Nodine-Fouts

    Sora Overway

    Elijah Peterson

    Nadira Peterson

    Anna Vanags

    Julia Witcher

    Lucas Witcher

    Hoping for sunshine! See you at the pool!


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