Important Divisional Meet Information - Arrival Time, Seating, and More


    Arrival and Warm Up Times

    All Nottaway swimmers must be on the pool deck by 8:00 AMPlease plan to arrive in the parking lot, no later than 7:45 AM. Our warm up is 8:30 AM, but it is very important that all swimmers are present 30 minutes before. If you are running late for any reason, please contact Coach Renee at 404-933-5368. 

    Order of Events

    Please Note: During divisionals there is a different order of events than regular dual meets. If you are writing the events on your child's hand/arm, please write them in the order of the events, which is not necessarily in numerical order.  A list with the order can be found here: ASA Divisional Order of Events (please disregard the document title and heat/entry numbers - this is an old document from 2016)

    Helpful Links:

    ASA Championships Page

    Divisionals Session 1 Entry List

    Spectator Seating

    Spectators can sit anywhere in the stands above the pool.  Deck seating is for swimmers, coaches, and volunteers with deck passes.

    ASA and Georgia Tech Aquatic Center Rules and Regulations

    Parking Reminder!

    Only prepaid ($12) parking will be allowed in the parking lots adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center (Lot W10) and the Student Center Lot (Lot W2) across the street. If you do not get reserved parking you will have pay more ($15) to park at the State Street (Lot W23) lot a little further away from the facility. To purchase prepaid parking for $12 per day go to With construction in the area, ASA strongly advises teams to carpool as best they can. A map of the parking areas can be found at the following link GT Parking Map

    Divisional Worker/Volunteer Information

    This year, meet workers must come downstairs to the pool deck via the back hallway stairs behind the spectator seating area. Only swimmers and coaches are allowed to use the stairwell inside the pool area by the boys pool.  Nottoway will provide 2 Timers for the Girls Pool and 1 Runner. Timers have to report to the bullpen at 8:30 AM.  Runners report at 8:40 AM.

    Georgia Tech Pool Address

    Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center, 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332-0110

    Join Us at Willy's!

    After divisionals, let's meet up for lunch!  Join us at Willy's Druid Hills: 2566 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta GA 30329.  

    We look forward to seeing all of our Divisional Swimmers tomorrow for some fun at Ga Tech!

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