End of Newts Season Message and Photos/Videos


    Sadly, today is the last day of summer for most.  The 2017 swim season has come and gone in flash.  If you have any desire to relive those crazy few months you can watch the awesome videos put together by Ben Kupronis and Chris Buechner and shown at the banquet.  If you weren't at the banquet, be sure to take a quick look.  The videos are sure to bring a smile to your face and maybe even a tear to your eyes.  We have great kids, parents, and coaches and these really prove that.

    Slideshow Videos by Ben Kupronis:

    Video by Chris Buechner:
    The password is: gonewts


    Yes, the newt swim season is months away, but a few things will change:

    1. 2017 is the last year that I (Gregg Hudock) will be swim team co-director and so we will be looking for another director to assist Kristen Vanags.  The co-director job is a 2 year job, but I served for 3 years to allow for one director to change each year, not both every two years. We hope this will make the job easier for future directors.  Why change?  We change because new leadership is essential to the survival of the team.  Everyone brings new fresh ideas.  The old directors don't disappear, they are still very much active in supporting the team.  My family has another 6 years with the Newts and we'll be there at every meet helping with a smile.

      Why volunteer to be a co-director?  Three years ago when I was asked to be a co-director, I had no idea how much I would enjoy the job.  Nottaway has great parental support and it has been wonderful working with everyone and sharing the kids accomplishments.  Don't know much about swimming...well, no worries the Atlanta Swim Association does a great job training everyone and we'll be there to make sure nothing bad happens.

      If you have any questions about being a director, feel free to reach out to me at gregghudock@gmail.com

    2. Our team website provider has merged with Swimtopia, so we'll be changing providers next year.  We envision we'll stay with Swimtopia, but will assess the websites to determine the best option.

    GO NEWTS!  GOOD LUCK DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR (I'll see everyone on deck at year-round or high school meets, just look for the tall guy in the white shirt and blue or khaki pants)

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