FRIDAY is the 2017 NEWTS Banquet.  A few quick details:

    • The Banquet starts at 6 PM with food from Chick-fii-a (thanks to all of you who helped Nottaway win the Spirit Award for THREE YEARS in a row).  If you RSVP'd we'll have Chick-fil-a for you.  If you didn't RSVP...we ordered a few extras, so wait until the end to see what we have left for you.
    • SAY THANK YOU TO THE COACHES:  If anyone feels that any one of the coaches did an extra special job this year and deserves a "tip" feel free to stick a gift in their bag.  Appreciation letters/cards from your swimmers are also welcome.
    • Presentations/Awards around 7 PM.
    • 2017 Slide show once it gets dark enough (thanks to Ben Kupronis!)
    • Adult night at 9 PM after the banquet (NO KIDS)...put those kids to bed and come hear Tom Carney spin a few eclectic tunes.

    While, this is likely not the last email of 2017, it is getting close. WIth that, we just want to remind everyone how great you and all the Nottaway Families are.  Just like our swimmers competing in tough races, you all always dig deep and step up to deliver when we need you to.  So many thanks for supporting the Newts this year and every year.  Community is defined as:  "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals".  The Nottaway Community is strong, wonderful, something to be proud of, and most definitely something to strive to be a part of.  See you next year and best of luck for the rest of the summer and 2017.

    Many Thanks from the directors, swimmers, and coaches...this year could not have happened without everyone's help!

    GO NEWTS! 

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