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    Nottaway Newts Swimsuits

    NEED A NOTTAWAY NEWTS SWIMSUIT?  On March 19, 2017, we'll have fittings at the pool to determine your suit size.  Thereafter you'll go to the website below to order and pay.  If you already know your suit size, you can go ahead and order.  Order your suit by 4/1/2017 and the team will pay for shipping; the suits will be shipped all together to the swim team.  Suits will arrive before the first day of practice and we'll distribute to everyone at practice.  If you order after 4/1/2017, you will pay the shipping fee and suits will be sent to your home address.

    If you miss the March 19, 2917 event and still need to try on a suit, please contact Lisa Ellinger or Denise Tso to schedule a time.  The sizing suits will be returned to on Saturday, 4/8/17, so don't delay!

    Unfortunately we had to change swimsuits this year due to a limited supply of the old suit.   We’d love for everyone to have the new team suit but understand if folks chose to use the old suit.  Whatever you choose, just make sure your child has a swim suit for the 2017 season and don't miss out on the free shipping if you need a new one. 


    Ordering Instructions:

    1. Login or Register by clicking Login or Register at the top right of the page
    2. If you have not registered, you need to register first. Then it will ask you for your code.  Our code is Newts.
    3. If you have already registered but forgot to add your team code – while logged in click on choose "Select Teams" at the top of the page, then "My Teams" and there will be a button that says "Add More Teams", and it will ask for the code
    4. You should be able to choose “Select Teams” from the top and click on "Nottaway Newts" and our team suits will be shown.  Here is where you can shop for your suits and also goggles if you need them.  If you order goggles, those will be shipped with the suit. Your team portal with the team items and discounts will show up. **Please note that you must check out while still in the team portal in order for the discounts to show up. If you click on a different department, then you will no longer be in the team portal and the discounts will not show up and will NOT be applied at checkout.
    5. When you are ready to check out, if you order your suit (or goggles) by 4/1/17, choose "in-store pick up-FREE" in the shipping instructions so that your order will be shipped for free to the team and will be distributed to you at the first practice.  If you order after 4/1/17, you will have to choose the type of shipping you want and pay the additional shipping fee. is donating a portion of the proceeds to the Nottaway Newts, so shop them for your other swimwear needs if possible.  Thank you! 




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